4 tips from a flight attendant

@rafabonucci, Getty Images

Flight attendant and interior designer. Rafael Bonucci combined his two passions and transformed his work travels into opportunities to learn more about decoration. Here, he shares tips for people who love architecture and design to enjoy the best of each destination.


1. Visit the historic city centers

Older neighborhoods are like open-air museums. “It’s there that you’ll find the marks of time, see a glimpse of historical events, and understand how people lived,” says Rafael.



2. Keep an eye on the events schedule of fairs

Many cities host big architecture and design events. Check if one of them will be held during your stay. It’s a good way to stay up-to-date on regional and international trends.


3. Look for galleries and museums

Décor and art walk hand in hand. There are museums dedicated to design history, for example, but any exhibition or collection will be filled with references and ideas that will serve as an inspiration.


4. Go to the library

A new habit to adopt: include public libraries on your itinerary, that can be visited by anyone. Explore bookstores as well, especially the urban planning and art sections.