Tips from a flight attendant to have a pleasurable flight

Tips from a flight attendant to have a pleasurable flight

Crew member Ana Paula Martins relies on exercising to avoid jet lag and possible inconveniences on plane rides

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Published November 2019

When she’s not flying, Brazilian flight attendant Ana Paula Martins always sets aside some time to take care of her health. Working on flights up to 14 hours long, the crew member has found in exercising the solution to avoid such phenomena as jet lag, temperature changes, and the effects of cabin pressurization between destinations. “Physical activity boosts my energy levels and improves my performance and mood,” she affirms.

Tips from a flight attendant to have a pleasurable flight

To avoid fatigue, Ana usually follows a few steps before and after flying. “Disconnecting from everything and resting for at least two hours are essential habits that keep me from experiencing the impacts of staying up all night,” says the flight attendant. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding salty and sugary foods, in addition to dairy products, are also part of her routine, just like wearing compression socks on the aircraft to prevent her legs from swelling. In addition, she always brings exercise bands in her bag to stay active even when there’s no gym around.

This month, the crew member is celebrating 14 years working for the company, dedicating to her work on the planes the same enthusiasm applied to her training sessions. Among the experiences she has accumulated, she highlights her presence on LATAM’s inaugural flight, in 2016, and the two awards for her performance, which she won last April. “I’m very proud to work at the company I’ve chosen, which promptly accepted me,” she concludes.

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