5 tips from a LATAM flight attendant to take off in your career

Erika Paixão

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Brazilian Mariane Soares shares what it takes to have a successful professional life


Working at LATAM for almost five years now, crew member Mariane Soares knows well her job – and even helps other people who want to evolve in the profession. On her Instagram page (@about.mary), which has 14,000 followers, she shares stories of love for aviation and tips for anyone who wants to follow the same path but doesn’t know where to start.

Here, she shares five tips for anyone who wants to be a crew member and fly higher: 


1. Take a language course

According to Mariane, this is very important when it’s time to hire a new flight attendant: 'Any language specialization is welcome!'



2. Plan ahead with care, focus, and organization

Being away from home for long periods, missing family celebrations, changing your sleep pattern… These are some of the occupational hazards listed by Mari. But she believes that, with focus and organization, you can overcome anything without neglecting other areas of your life. “You need to remain determined, knowing that overcoming every obstacle will be worth it.”


3. Comply with the company’s rules

Safety is LATAM’s first conduct rule, and being attentive to all instructions is essential. “It’s very important to be aware of the responsibilities we have before, during, and after each flight. Commitment to the company and the team makes the service more harmonious, enhancing its quality.”



4. Good communication skills are very important

'Learn how to listen and speak properly; work on your assertiveness, verbal and body language, and tone of voice used to deal with different flight situations. This changes the way customers absorb information.'


5. Exercise empathy

Keeping in mind that she’s transporting the dreams of each passenger is what makes the crew member happy. “Empathy makes you develop a sense of cooperation, resulting in a safer, more thoughtful and efficient teamwork. It brings out the best in you, making you a better person and, consequently, a better professional.”