Do you know what an airport supervisor does?

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Supervisor Moelliny Souza’s work behind the scenes in airports helps thousands of passengers to fly



Before reaching their final destination, passengers need to check in, check their luggage, board… And assuring that these steps run smoothly is the job of Moelliny Souza, a LATAM employee and airport supervisor who’s responsible for the organization of these operations.


Her story with aviation started by accident, while she was studying business administration in Fortaleza, Ceará. After a lecture on airport management, she got curious. Her interest led her to a school, where she trained to be a flight attendant. “It was something spontaneous that became one of my passions,” she says.


At the airport, her job is to manage people – whether they be passengers or her subordinates. When she’s not dealing with administrative matters, she attends customers, offering support and instructing travelers to use the airline’s digital channels.


According to her, the waiting time in queues for passengers that check in via the app or the website is quite shorter.


In seven years working at the airline, she has gained more experience and visited several airports, from São Paulo to Salvador. And she highlights flexibility and resilience as valuable characteristics for the job: “LATAM is a company that provides development opportunities.”