2018 retrospective:

What does an airplane mechanic do at LATAM?

For the head of airplane maintenance Luis Minaya, his good relationship with the team was the perfect part of a successful year


Luis Minaya started working at LATAM five years ago, as aeronautical mechanic. In 2018, his good performance was rewarded with a promotion – now he’s the head of maintenance for the airline in Peru, managing airplane operations in different cities in the country. Following his instructions, his team performs a series of technical repairs to assure maximum safety on every flight. Over the year, his participation as a LATAM employee was marked by harmony. Below, check out his impressions of this process.



What was it like to work at LATAM in 2018:

My most remarkable experience was my promotion. The feedback I get from my peers generates more commitment and closeness in the maintenance team.


The best of LATAM:

The changes to the entertainment system. It’s something that passengers can see on their mobile devices, with the LATAM Play app. Knowing that I helped to implement the system makes me cherish it even more.