activities for rainy days


Galerías Pacífico

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the heart of the capital, this shopping center was inspired by Le Bon Marché in Paris. Considered a National Historic Monument, it’s fascinating for its enormous central dome as well as its giant paintings inside. The locale is home to over 150 stores and the Centro Cultural Borges, which hosts shows and exhibitions.


Museo del Oro

Bogotá, Colombia

Don’t be sad if the sky in Bogotá is constantly cloudy. The city is filled with museums, and Museo del Oro is one of the most famous. If you don’t find the amount of precious metals (present in around 55,000 pieces) so impressive, at least you’ll learn about the culture of pre-Columbian peoples.


La Boquería

Barcelona, Spain

It’s no coincidence that the stands at this market offer some of the country’s iconic foods: it originated in the Middle Ages. You’ll find jamón ibérico, seafood, and several spices and olives there. It’s hard not to feel hungry – luckily, there are bars that serve drinks and tapas there, like El Quím de la Boquería, which has been in business for 30 years.


Teatro Solís

Montevideo, Uruguay

You can visit the oldest show venue in Uruguay on performance nights or by booking a tour, which takes tourists to the interior of the building. Built in 1856 and damaged by a fire, it continues to amaze passersby in Ciudad Vieja.



Paris, France

On Rue de Rivoli, in the city center, looking for shelter on a rainy day has never been so elegant. At this century-old teahouse, which opened in 1903, the halls harken back to the belle époque and customers can enjoy some hot chocolate or a Mont Blanc, a traditional chestnut cake covered in whipped cream.


Biblioteca Nacional

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 1808, the Portuguese king arrived in Rio de Janeiro with 60,000 books, giving origin to this collection. These days, it has over 10 million items stored in a neoclassical building. It’s the biggest library in Latin America – and one of the 10 biggest in the world.