fun facts about LATAM´s Boeing 767


1. Structure

Designed for long-haul flights, it stands out for its capacity, with two central aisles with seven seats in each row. It has a larger wingspan and heavier wings, with flaps and slats on the edges.

2. Entertainment

Each seat is equipped with an 8.9-inch touchscreen which gives you access to varied content. You’ll find more information in the guide LATAM Entertainment in the printed version of VAMOS.


3. Capacity

A total of 238 passengers: 209 in Economy and 29 in Premium Business.

4. Efficiency

This airplane uses the winglet technology, which has the function of improving wing aerodynamics by reducing drag during the flight. As a result, fuel consumption is reduced by over 450,000 gallons per year per aircraft, and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are 5% lower.


Name - 767

Manufacturer - Boeing

Capacity - 238 passengers

Length – 177.8 ft [54.2 m]

Width – 16.5 ft [5.03 m]

Wingspan – 156.1 ft [47.6 m]          

Height – 51.8 ft [15.8 m]

Maximum takeoff weight - 184.611 kg

Engines - 2 turbofan