fun facts about the Boeing 787-8

1. Less noise, more view

The windows are 30% larger than the ones in the 767, and it’s possible to electronically dim the light. In addition, acoustic impact is 60% lower than that of other planes of the same size.

2. More stability

The Smoother Ride technology has smart sensors that detect turbulence and adjust the plane’s control surfaces, reducing dizziness and other discomforts caused by this type of situation.


3. Efficiency

The Boeing 787-8 is an extremely efficient plane. It uses 20% less fuel and produces less carbon emissions than any other plane of the same size. 

4. Cleaner air

The 787-8 cabin has better air quality due to its purification system, which removes gaseous contaminants and reduces symptoms, like throat irritation, caused by low humidity.


Name – 787-8

Manufacturer – Boeing

Capacity – 250 passengers

Length – 187 ft [57 m]

Width – 18.83 ft [5.74 m]

Wingspan – 196.85 ft [60 m]

Height – 55.77 ft [17 m]

Maximum takeoff weight – 251 ton [227,900 kg]

Engines – Rolls-Royce Trent1000