things you probably don’t know about the Brasília airport

Last month, Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport in Brasília celebrated its 60th anniversary with three awards for its efficiency


World-renowned structure

In the year of the World Cup, after 18 months of construction works, the area of the airport, which is the largest domestic HUB in Brazil, was increased from 645,835 to 1,184,030 square feet [60,000 - 110,000 square m]. It’s the only airport in Latin America to have parallel, simultaneous and independent runways, capable of operating one flight per minute.


Award-winning terminal

Over 55,000 users participated in a survey that included the 15 main airports in Brazil, and the Brasília airport was awarded in three categories: the most efficient X-ray, the most efficient check-in and the most efficient passenger service. In addition, it’s the 4th most punctual airport in the world, according to the OAG Aviation Database.


Like fresh bread

If you smell the aroma of freshly baked bread, it’s a sign that Panificadora Vitória is close by – it’s the first bakery to be installed in an airport in Brazil. Rolls, sandwiches and gourmet dishes are prepared in the commercial area of the arrivals floor, where there are over 80 shops.



This airport, which receives almost 20 million people each year, regularly organizes events for professional and amateur photographers, who can take pictures of the aircraft from a short distance (980 ft / 300 m from the runway). To participate, you can subscribe online.


Athos’s tiles

On request from architect Oscar Niemeyer, Rio-born artist Athos Bulcão left his distinctive mark on the airport: tile drawings with amazing optical effects. His blue and green mural is on display in the North sector, while the yellow and orange tiles can be found in the international departures area.