can’t-miss attractions to visit with children



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The port zone in Rio de Janeiro is home to the largest aquarium in South America: with 1.2 million gallons [4.5 million l] of saltwater and 350 species. At the Museum of Science, located inside the locale, visitors can learn more about marine life by observing planktons under microscopes and comparing shells.



Villa Borghese

Rome, Italy

The most famous park in Rome is home to gardens, museums, a zoo, playgrounds, and even a carousel. Another highlight is the lake in front of Tempio di Esculapio, where you can rent pedal boats and boats. Entertainment for a whole day.



Everett Children’s Adventure Garden

New York, USA

Gardens, trails, and living sculptures. This area inside the Botanical Garden in Bronx offers all this and hands-on science activities, in which kids have contact with nature while learning.



Planetario Galileo Galilei

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A dome with a 65-foot [20 m] diameter is home to the Buenos Aires planetarium, which opened in 1968. You can also find two incredible places nearby: Rosedal, which contains approximately 100 plant species, and Jardín Japonés.



Parque Bicentenario de la Infancia

Santiago, Chile

This park dedicated to children is located on a hillside that has 60 slides. There are also water fountains, tree houses, and a funicular that takes visitors to the top of the hill.

Avenida Perú, 1001, Recoleta, Santiago



Diana Memorial Playground

London, United Kingdom

A pirate ship in the middle of Kensington Gardens in London. The structure is part of the Diana Memorial Playground, created in honor of the Princess of Wales. All the attractions, including the teepees and sculptures, were inspired by the stories of Peter Pan.



Circuito Magico del Agua

Lima, Peru

In Parque de la Reserva, 13 fountains combine water jets and an impressive light show. Some are just for contemplation, while others invite visitors to play. A tip? Check out the time schedule of the projection shows in advance.