places that will make you fall in love with La Paz


Mi Teleférico

Ex Estación Central de Ferrocarriles

It’s the world’s highest and longest urban cable car system. Even though it was designed to solve the city’s mobility problems, it has become a popular attraction among visitors. The reason? The impressive panoramic views revealed by the gondolas. It has three lines identified by colors: red, yellow and green.



Calle 10, 300, Calacoto

The south zone in La Paz has become a new culinary arts hub in recent years, mainly due to the restaurant Gustu (“Flavor” in Quechua), owned by renowned Danish chef Claus Meyer, co-founder of Noma (Copenhagen). Opened in 2013, its objective is to showcase Bolivia’s large productive, cultural and biodiverse potential, reflected in the house’s tasting menus.


Urban Rush

Postosí, 920

If you like adventure and don’t want to leave the city, head to Hotel Presidente and scale down a 165-foot [50 m] high wall using ropes, like an action movie stunt double, such as Mission: Impossible. If the altitude in La Paz doesn’t affect your breathing, the 17-floor descent will certainly take your breath away.


Museo Nacional De Etnografía Y Folklore

Ingavi, 916

This museum was founded in 1925 and occupies a colonial building that’s an attraction in itself: the Palacio de los Marqueses de Villaverde, which dates from 1730. Among its permanent exhibitions, the one that displays the masks traditionally used for dance performances, parties and religious rituals, with pieces from all the regions of the country, stands out.



Calle 16, 8.052, Calacoto

A combination design hotel, bar and restaurant, Atix is one of the main new arrivals in the city. Even though the bar, +951, has one of the best views of La Paz, the restaurant Ona also draws plenty of attention. The young chefs on Juan Pablo Reyes’s team only use fresh, locally produced and in season ingredients.


LATAM has direct flights to La Paz departing from Lima, Santiago and Iquique.