creative (and delicious!) ice cream shops


Gelato Messina

Melbourne, Australia

The neighborhood of Fitzroy is home to this ice cream shop that produces its own ingredients, including the milk and almonds. Among the 40 flavors, try the white chocolate with hazelnut, and also keep an eye on the other dessert options – cakes, like tiramisu, can be pre-ordered or just admired from a distance. They’re so beautiful.

237 Smith Street


Rapa Nui

Buenos Aires, Argentina

As it’s originally an artisan chocolate factory, the flavors made with cacao are among the most popular. Rapanuino, for example, is made with chocolate, dried fruit crisps, and ginja (sour cherry) liqueur.

Avenida Santa Fe, 772


Taiyaki NYC

Miami, United States

Almost all flavors are served in fish-shaped cones, a tribute to the Eastern roots of the first owners. The brand was born in the neighborhood of Chinatown in New York and quickly expanded to Florida, in the district of Wynwood, where it offers more traditional flavors, like matcha, hojicha (both are variations of green tea), and black sesame.

143 Northwest 23rd Street


Paul`s Homemade Ice Cream

Johannesburg, South Africa

The Paul for which the establishment was named grew up between Johannesburg and New York and created a menu full of affectionate memories of his experiences in the two cities. Try the birthday cake (with colorful sprinkles), mango with condensed milk, or the peppermint crisp tart. The menu also includes waffles, coffee, vegan options, dog treats, and a hot churned ice cream.

Rivonia Road, 129



Madrid, Spain

Its name refers to the possibility of creating your own ice cream, combining a flavor and a topping – pistachio gelato with brownie crisps, for example –, mixed together using two spatulas on a granite slab cooled to -4 °F [-20 °C]. The three locations in the city are charming and cozy.

Calle Augusto Figueroa, 5


Moritz Eis

Santiago, Chile

Minimalist décor and biodegradable packaging set the tone at this ice cream shop with Serbian origins. The menu is seasonal and some flavors, like cinnamon and cherimoya (a relative of atemoya), were developed exclusively for the Chilean locations.

Avenida Isidora Goyenechea, 3120



Tel Aviv, Israel

Two friends and an ice cream shop that consolidated their relationship. The story of the owners inspires customers to do the same. The recipes feature elements of the Middle East, like the sorbet of tzabar (the fruit of a cactus), pomegranate, and arak (anise liqueur).

Bnei Ephraim Street 280