countries (LATAM destinations) to play Pokémon GO


New Zealand

Central Auckland

New Zealanders were selected to test the game, alongside Americans and Australians. Of the 151 Pokémons available in the game (there are over 720 in total), hard-to-find creatures like Magnemite and Magma have been spotted in Auckland Central Business District. LATAM has flights to Auckland departing from Santiago and Sydney.


United Estates

Gym in the White House

Less than 10 days after its official release, Pokémon GO already was the most popular mobile game in the United States. In the capital city of Washington D.C., LATAM’s new destination, served by flights departing from Lima, the National Mall is one of the locales that are popular among players. Even the White House is part of the game: there’s a gym there where players are battling to make their Pokémons more powerful.



Meeting at the Opera House

The game brought together around 2,000 enthusiasts for a walk at the Opera House in Sydney. This is not the only important location: there’s a PokéStop (where you can collect such items as Poké Balls, which are essential to catch new creatures) in Circular Quay. LATAM has flights to Sydney through Auckland.



Nightclubs in Berlin

The country was the port of entry for the game in Europe. In the lively Berlin, these little monsters are common in such nightclubs as Griessmuehle (if you’re looking for a Drowzee), Tresor (to catch Meowths), and Kater Blau (for water Pokémons, like Poliwag). Fly to Frankfurt from São Paulo.


United Kingdom

New guests at the zoo

Do you want a winning tip in London, a LATAM destination served by direct flights departing from São Paulo? At the city’s zoo, you’ll find Rhyhorns, Doduos, and Psyducks. Be careful not to capture a real animal there!



Krabbys in Lisbon

The game was simultaneously released in Portugal, Spain, and Italy. In Lisbon, the main locales include Praça do Chile, where there’s a PokéStop, and the Rua Augusta Arch, which is home to a gym. Water Pokemóns, like Krabby, are easy to find in the city. Flights to Lisbon departing from Madrid.



At the cathedral’s door

Plaza de España in Madrid, which is crowded with players, is second only to the Cathedral of La Almudena — the first gym in the city — in popularity. There, Pokéfans train their little monsters in groups (avoid battles inside the church!). LATAM has flights to Madrid departing from São Paulo, Lima, and Santiago.



Rare Pokémons a flight away

Rare Pokémons detected! A few hours after the release in Italy, users affirmed they spotted such monsters as the Raichu or the Aerodactyl. LATAM has direct flights to Milan departing from São Paulo.

By Eduardo do Valle
Photos Shutterstock