movies and TV shows that are quintessential L.A.


Beverly Hills, 90210

TV show; 1990-2000

They were rich, popular and role models: in the early 1990s, this teen TV show was responsible for making shoulder pads and high-waisted jeans popular all over the world.


Modern Family

TV show; 2009-present

Up close, no family is normal. Not even the most modern families, which include same-sex and interracial couples. Smart and unpretentious, this comedy portrays the eccentricity of each character.


Pretty Woman

Movie; 1990

A Cinderella-like romance between a prostitute (Julia Roberts) and a businessman (Richard Gere). In one of the most famous scenes, she is turned away from a fancy store on Rodeo Drive, only to return the next day after a complete makeover.



Movie; 1995

Does the life of a rich teen in Los Angeles seem easy? Well, it only seems so! In this comedy, Cher (Alicia Silverstone) has a challenge-filled routine that includes going shopping, partying and checking out her digital closet.


The Bling Ring

Movie; 2013

What’s the limit for obsessing over celebrities? That is the question asked by Sofia Coppola in the movie about a group of teenagers that burglarizes artists’ homes in Los Angeles.


Pulp Fiction

Movie; 1994

Los Angeles is the backdrop for one of the most celebrated movies by Quentin Tarantino. It’s possible to visit such places as the Hawthorne Grill (the coffee shop in the opening scene) and the Jack Rabbit Slim’s, in the classic dance scene between Uma Thurman and John Travolta, in the city.


Sunset Blvd.

Movie; 1950

Hollywood’s dark side is the theme of this classic by Billy Wilder. The relationship between a fading, aging actress and an up-and-coming screenwriter reveals the role of self-interest behind the scenes at the studios.



Movie; 2011

In this thriller by Nicolas Winding Refn, Ryan Gosling is a getaway driver in Los Angeles. “There’s a hundred thousand streets in this city,” he anticipates in the opening scene.