days exploring Santiago with singer Ana Tijoux

Singer and songwriter Ana Tijoux is working on her fifth solo album and preparing to be the first woman to be recognized as an icon of Chilean rock music at the La Cumbre Festival in Santiago


Life has been hectic for this famous female voice in Latino rap music. After performing at important international festivals, like Ruido Fest in Chicago and Demon Dayz in Los Angeles, Ana Tijoux will take her pensive lyrics to Lollapalooza Chile, in late March. She’s also preparing for her debut as an actress on the international show La Jauría and working on her next album, which is expected to be released in May. According to her, this one “has traveled a lot,” as it was recorded in hotel rooms in Paris and Rapa Nui (Easter Island). “In my career, I’ve had 22 beautiful and complex years,” she affirms. Next, she talks about her favorite places in Santiago, where she’s been living since 1993, after returning from France.


The pleasure of walking

“I love walking, more than cycling, and Cerro San Cristóbal is a haven in the city, where you can achieve a state of total contemplation.” The rapper recommends going on sunny days, to be able to enjoy the panoramic view of Santiago.

Cerro San Cristóbal: Pío Nono, Recoleta


Flavors with a memory

Born in Lille and raised in Paris until the age of 16, Ana likes the menu of the itinerant food truck La Picá Francesa: “They have Chilean sandwiches with a French touch, and the star on the menu is the Pollo de Lobo, made with mushrooms and mustard. The food is delicious and the service is great.”


From above

“Half of Santiago is formed by the Andes, and there are several spots and green areas in the mountain where you can explore trails with children or have a picnic. My favorites are Parque Mahuida and Quebrada de Macul.”

Parque Mahuida: Avenida Alcalde Fernando Castillo Velasco, 11095

La Reina Quebrada de Macul: Diagonal Las Torres, Peñalolén

At the counter

“I consider myself a hedonist. I love restaurants that have a good counter, where I can have some snacks, a drink, and chat. I’d recommend the Spanish eatery Carrer Nou, which has a varied menu, and the club Thelonious, which has great live music.”

Carrer Nou: Miguel Claro, 1802, Providencia

Thelonious Club de Jazz: Bombero Núñez 336, Recoleta