facts to learn about the Boeing 777

Details of this LATAM Boeing


1. Design

It’s the first commercial airplane designed by Boeing with the fly-by-wire control system. In other words, with an all-digital system, avionics settings managed via software, a glass cockpit with LCD screens, and optical fiber connections.

2. Landing

Its landing gear is bigger and includes a set of six large tires capable of withstanding a load of up to 32.3 tons [29,294 kg] each, the most resistant among commercial aircraft.


3. Cabin

Its interior is equipped with larger overhead bins and indirect LED lighting.

4. Structure

Its wings are thicker and wingspan is larger. As such, this long range, high-capacity airliner has a better takeoff performance and higher cruise altitude.


Name – 777

Manufacturer – Boeing

Capacity – 365 passengers

Length – 242.5 ft [73.9 m]

Width – 19.2 ft [5.86 m]

Wingspan – 212.6 ft [64.8 m]

Height – 60.7 ft [18.5 m]

Maximum takeoff weight – 774,990 lb [351,530 kg]

Engines – General Electric GE90z