addresses that a Bogotá resident wants you to visit


Les Amis Bizcocheria

Carrera 14, 86A-12, 2º Piso

“Everything here is delicious. They have bread, cake, desserts, chocolate and empanadas, among other things. You can watch the employees at work, preparing all these treats.”


Merendero Las Brisas

Calle 51, 6-35

“This restaurant offers fast and healthy food, with delicious options for vegetarian and meat dishes. Their service is impeccable. An excellent option for people in the Chapinero neighborhood who want to try something new.”


Espacio Odeón

Carretera 5, 12C-73

“Located in downtown Bogotá, it serves as an exhibition space for different art, cinema and theater events, among other things. Espacio Odeón has industrial architecture and an indoor garden that blends in with the concrete, which I find lovely.”


Cine Tonalá

Carretera 6, 35-37

“This movie theater is located in the neighborhood of La Merced, installed in an English-style house. The first floor is home to a restaurant; the second floor has an amazing bookstore, called Nada; and the third floor has one of the projection rooms.”


Olga Piedrahita

Carretera 14a, 8236

“In my opinion, this is one of the best shops in Bogotá. The stylist for which the brand is named does impeccable work, with an avant-garde proposal that I love. In addition, she works with other artists, remaining constantly fresh.”

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