animals that are symbols of the Galapagos, in Ecuador


Blue-footed booby

Cuteness overload

Mating season is the most exuberant for these animals. During this period, the males show their blue feet to the females while dancing graciously. It’s easy to spot these birds near the shore. 


Giant tortoises

Family size

There are 10 species endemic to the Galapagos, divided into three types, according to their shells: shaped like a dome; similar to a saddle; or a combination of these two forms. They can reach 5 feet [1.5 m] in length and weigh up to 550 pounds [250 kg].



I think I saw a dinosaur

This is the only lizard that feeds mainly on seaweed. An adult male can reach 4 feet [1.3 m] in length and weigh 33 pounds [15 kg]. When they swim, iguanas can stop heartbeating in order to conserve body heat.


Sea lion


The most important characteristic of these animals are their extremities shaped like fins. Sea lion pups spend two years with their mothers.


Hammerhead shark

A surprise deep in the ocean

Spotting a hammerhead shark is every diver’s dream. This animal can grow up to 16.5 feet [5 m] and it has a special color pattern: its back is dark-colored and its belly is almost white, an efficient camouflage to surprise its prey.

Photos: Shutterstock