tips to enjoy Rio de Janeiro starting at the Tom Jobim International Airport


Recharging your energy

The restricted area in Terminal 2 has restaurants, luncheonettes, and bars. If you’re looking for light food, you’ll love the salads at Delírio Tropical or the sandwiches at Green Kitchen. For pizzas, one good option is the Little Mamma by Mamma Jamma.


Mmmm, caipirinhas!

Located in the South Pier, the affiliate of the bar Palaphita, an icon at the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, serves up versions of this Brazilian drink. It can be your first caipirinha upon disembarking in Rio. Among the options, one highlight is the one made with cupuaçu and Mandarinetto, a tangerine liqueur. The house also serves traditional Rio snacks.


Catching up on sleep

In the South Pier, you’ll find comfortable reclining chairs that serve as beds for you to catch up on some sleep before your flight. In addition, between the chairs in the departures area, there are outlets to recharge your phone and other devices.



The duty free area has 600 brands. The new arrivals include the four areas for Rio brands (Lapa, Ipanema, Copacabana, and Maracanã) and local products — from cachaças to pieces from Farm, Richards, Salinas, Redley, and Osklen.


Staying connected

Galeão offers 60 minutes of free internet via the wi-fi network _RIOGALEAOWIFI — and you don’t need to register. The airport’s official app (available for iOS and Android users) provides information on flight status, calculates the time it’ll take for you to arrive at the departure gate, and allows you to pay for parking using your phone.

Text Flávia Martin
Photos Shutterstock