tips to travel with kids

Follow these simple tips to have a smooth family vacation, from start to finish


First days

To fly with a newborn baby, between 1 and 7 days old, you will need medical clearance for the child and the mother.



People traveling with children under 5 are entitled to priority boarding on all LATAM flights.


Comfortable and safe

In Economy Class, parents can take their infant in a bassinet. This service is available to children that weigh no more than 22 pounds [10 kg] and are under 28 inches [71 cm] tall. It’s recommended to request the bassinet up to 48 hours before your flight.


Ear popping

During takeoff and landing, it’s recommended to give infants a baby bottle or pacifier, to prevent their ears from popping. For older children, a snack has the same effect.


Happily listening (and watching)

LATAM’s entertainment guide will be your children’s best friend, with a wide selection of special movies and shows for them. Don’t forget to bring earphones that fit their heads.