words to increase your aviation vocabulary



How can our plane wings be more aerodynamically efficient? Is it possible to consume less fuel and help to lower CO2 emissions? Winglets – situated on the extremities of the wings – are devices that contribute to achieving these objectives. 



An instrument that measures the altitude of an object above a given reference point, usually sea level. There are several types of altimeter, like barometric altimeters, which measure the atmospheric pressure (the atmosphere’s “weight”); and radar altimeters, which calculate the time it takes for an electromagnetic signal to reflect from the surface back to the aircraft (its echo), later transformed into distance.


LLWAS (Low level Wind Shear Alert System)

LLWAS is a ground-based system that transmits real-time information on surface wind speed and direction to crewmembers, guaranteeing aircraft stability during takeoff and landing.





While you’re reading this magazine, you’re inside of a part of the plane fuselage, whose body is also composed of the cockpit (where the captain and the crew travel) and the cargo compartments. There are other elements attached to the fuselage, including the landing gear, wings, and engines.


IFE (In-Flight Entertainment)

This acronym refers to all in-flight entertainment systems available to passengers during the flight. The objective is to provide a higher level of comfort inside airplanes, with audio and video platforms and other publications. Have you downloaded the app LATAM Entertainment yet? If not, go to Google Play or the App Store. Start the session to receive personalized information about your travels. Setup Push notifications on the app’s settings.

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