incredible hotels in remote places of the planet


Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa

Easter Island, Chile

The hotel is located nearby the main service center on the island, less than 1 mile [1 km] from the airport. All 75 rooms have a view of the Pacific Ocean. The architecture, with grass ceiling, was inspired by the village of Orongo, located near the crater of the Rano Kau Volcano, which is also responsible for the formation of this Chilean island. 




A mirrored cube, a birds nest and a UFO are located among tree trunks – no, this is not a playground. These are some of the unusual rooms at the Treehotel, located on the outskirts of a village in northern Sweden. The “tree houses” have a luxurious serenity atmosphere.


Southern Ocean Lodge

Kangaroo Island, Australia

On Kangaroo Island, seals, dolphins, birds, and – of course – kangaroos compose the scenery. Outdoor lounges and large glass windows in all 21 suites, lined up in the mountain, allow guests to enjoy the landscape comfortably. The spa, isolated atop a cliff, is the ideal place to relax.


Mashpi Lodge


Embedded in the middle of the Ecuadorian forest, this contemporary structure filled with angles stands out while blending in with the surroundings. The striking green of the trees penetrates the rooms through panoramic windows, and extremely rare birds can be observed in the reservation.

Text Fernando Farah
Photos: Press courtesy, Rene Castrucci