fun facts about LATAM’s A320

1. Fly-by-wire

The A320 is known to be the first commercial airplane to employ the fly-by-wire technology: a navigation system that uses an electronic interface (wires) instead of manual flight controls.

2. Range

The average range of an A320 is 3,300 nmi [6,100 km] with sharklets – aerodynamic devices located on the tip of the wings.


3. Flight hours

According to the American TV network CNN, the entire fleet has accumulated around 150 million flight hours in over 85 million flights so far.

4. Planes

Every two seconds, an A320 Family aircraft (A318, A319, A320 and A321) lands or takes off somewhere in the world. Up until June 2017, there were over 1,430 A320 planes in operation.



Name – A320

Manufacturer – Airbus

Capacity –185 passengers

Length – 146 ft [44.51 m]

Wingspan – 117.5 ft [35.8 m]

Height – 38.7 ft [11.76 m]

Maximum takeoff weight – 98 tons [89,000 kg]

Engines – V2500-A5