incredible places to go mountain climbing


Torres del Paine


A little over 9,180-foot [2,800 m] tall, Cerro Fortaleza is a mountain with one of the smoothest contours in Torres del Paine National Park, making it easy to go hiking and mountain climbing there. After a short while, visitors get to see lakes, valleys and the other mountains, including Monte Paine Grande, one of the tallest in the region.


Huayna Picchu


Machu Picchu’s most popular postcard sight is located at an altitude of around 8,920 feet [2,720 m]. A fun fact: the mountain’s summit was the home of Inca priests. Climbing the stairs to get to the top is a more challenging activity.


Agulha do Diabo


With marked trails and small caves, this pointy mountain in Serra dos Órgãos is located under two hours from downtown Rio de Janeiro. Watching the sunset from the top of this 6,560-foot [2,000 m] tall mountain is an unforgettable experience.




Located a few miles from the Atacama Desert, at the border with Bolivia, this dormant volcano is home to two of the highest lakes in the world, inside its crater. At an altitude of 19,420 feet [5,920 m], the view is worth the effort to get to the top.


Huayna Potosi


Located close to La Paz, this mountain is a safe bet for people who want to start mountain climbing. Huayna Potosi is 19,685-foot [6,000 m] tall, but the hike only requires physical fitness. The view includes the Amazon Basin and Lake Titicaca.




One of the planet’s highest spots (at an altitude of approximately 22,960 feet [7,000 m]!) is located in the province of Mendoza and is part of the history of the Incas. After an hour of hiking, visitors arrive at an overlook where the Aconcagua reveals itself as a giant in the Andes.


Pico de Orizaba


Located under two hours from Mexico City, this volcano has been dormant since the 17th century and it’s also known by its Aztec name, Citlaltépetl. At an altitude of 18,370 feet [5,600 m] above sea level, Pico de Orizaba is challenging for adventurers and history buffs.




Despite its high altitude (20,560 feet [6,267 m]), Chimborazo’s flat areas are ideal for both beginners and skilled hikers. Here, the thin air has less impact: visitors rarely suffer from shortness of breath or fatigue due to the lower oxygen supply.




It has marked Italian history and destroyed entire cities with its eruptions. The Vesuvius has been dormant for 72 years and features an infrastructure of souvenir shops and eateries in its crater.


Mount Eden

New Zealand

Auckland’s tallest mountain is 643-foot [196 m] tall. Covered in grass, Mount Eden has a 360-degree view of the city. For preservation purposes, the crater of this dormant volcano is closed to visitation. The mountain’s flat areas are an invitation for picnics.