tips from chef Jefferson Rueda to explore Brazilian food


Historic neighborhood

Avenida Ipiranga, 200, São Paulo

“Exploring downtown São Paulo is an essential activity. Jogging at Parque Minhocão on weekends and visiting the Copan building: try the orange juice and cheese bread at Café Floresta and have a caipirinha at Bar da Dona Onça.”


The city and the mountains

Rua Desembargador Sampaio, 332, Vitória

“To learn about the gastronomic essence of Brazil, visit such states as Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, where you’ll find the lovely Serra Capixaba and the authorial work of Restaurante Soeta, located in Vitória.”


Fruit salad

“From the Brazilian flavor palette, try such fruits as soursop, cupuaçu, jaboticaba, grumixama and jackfruit, which can be found in street markets around the country – another excellent activity.”


Food from the north

Rua 25 de Setembro, 2.350, Belém

 “If you go to Belém, Pará, visit Combu Island, separated from the capital by the Guamá River. Some of the best chocolates in Brazil are produced there. Lunch at the restaurant Remanso do Bosque, owned by chefs Thiago and Felipe Castanho, is a great experience.”


Sustainable flavor

Estrada Vicinal Mococa-Igaraí, s/nº, Mococa

“I love to visit Fazenda Ecológica Santo Antonio da Água Limpa, located in Mococa, in rural São Paulo. They produce organic coffee and pork products; there, you only eat what nature offers.”


Treasures in São Paulo

“In São Paulo, where I live, I like to go to Bar Kintarô, a simple Japanese joint in the neighborhood of Liberdade; to the haute cuisine restaurant Tête à Tête; and to BiCol, which serves great Korean food.”