hip, useful, and multifunctional spaces

Four all-purpose spaces where you can have breakfast and go to the movies, among many other things – all in the same place


Laundry Deluxe

São Paulo, Brazil

This place has managed the impossible: it has turned doing laundry into a great activity. While they wait, customers can sit at the bar, go to the terrace or the barbershop, or rest in a lounge with graffiti-covered walls and furniture made from old washing machine drums.

Rua da Consolação, 2937


La Gata Horacia

Santiago, Chile

This cat café explores several aspects: yoga classes, bookstore, lectures by veterinarians, and, of course, a café where the “resident” cats, which are available for adoption, walk around freely.

Calle Julio Prado, 765



El Paracaidista

Madrid, Spain

Can’t decide between going to the movies, a bar, a rooftop restaurant, or an art gallery? At this concept store with an area of 32,290 ft2 [3,000 m2], you don’t have to choose: you’ll find everything there.

Calle De la Palma, 10


The Proper Barbershop

Los Angeles, United States

This barbershop is filled with contrasts. While young tattooed barbers cut hair and trim beards using hot towels and razors, customers wait for their turn playing X-Box or having a beer in the lounge.

7950 West 3rd Street