places to visit in Asturias, Spain, according to racing driver Fernando Alonso

Racing driver Fernando Alonso reveals his favorite places in his homeland in Spain


Hangout for cyclists

“There’s a magical place in Asturias: the Lakes of Covadonga, located inside Picos de Europa National Park, very popular among professional cyclists. You’ll be amazed by the beauty and peace there. On a clear day, you can see the ocean, some 21 miles [35 km] away!”


Regional flavor

“I love having dinner at El Llagar de Titi in Granda. I’d recommend ordering the cachopo, a dish comprised of two breaded veal steaks with ham and cheese filling. To go with it, a glass of cider. Buen provecho!


Passion for auto racing

The Fernando Alonso Museum and Circuit, maintained by the Fundación para la Promoción del Automovilismo, is located in my hometown, in Oviedo. The museum contains over 270 items, including trophies and Ferrari, McLaren, and Renault cars. My first go-kart, in which I learned to drive at the age of 3, is also there.”


Coastal beauty

“Cabo Peñas is, without a doubt, the most beautiful stretch of coast in Spain. Located in northern Asturias, there you can see the water splashing against rocks and breathe in the breeze from the Cantabrian Sea. Due to its charm, the locale was declared a protected area.”

On tracks

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