surprising vegan restaurants

Restaurants that don’t use animal ingredients and offer incredible flavors


Teva Vegetal

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The menu at this restaurant/bar is comprised only of vegetables, with recipes like portobello mushroom carpaccio and shiitake steak. As for the desserts, eggs and butter are replaced by vegetable oils and the season’s fruit.


Araya´s Place

Los Angeles, United States

The highlights at their successful location in Los Angeles are the vegan tofu pad thai (stir-fried rice noodles) and the avocado curry, made with the best seitan (a protein of wheat) in the region.


Flower Burger

Rome, Italy

The sandwiches reflect the house’s creativity: each bread has a different color, and their names make references to their ingredients. Tofungo is made with smoked tofu and fungi, while Grinch is made with green bread and lentil burger.


Red Sparrow

Melbourne, Australia

Small and cozy, this pizzeria reinvents classic flavors, like Margherita and pepperoni, using ingredients based on coconut, almond, wheat, and organic soy, with gluten-free options.