business travel tips from an Ecuadorian businesswoman

For Ecuadorian entrepreneur Isabel Noboa, a successful trip is one well planned

Here, she shares tips to fly comfortably and always arrive at your destination ready for a meeting, keeping in mind something essential in these cases: acclimatization. “You need to learn about the culture and customs of your destination, this way you’ll avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.”


Personal space

“I usually check in online to save time. I always choose a window seat, this way I can rest without being interrupted.”


Practical look

“To travel, I prefer comfortable pieces that don’t wrinkle easily, or I use the hotel’s laundry and ironing service.”


Preventive kit

“On long trips, I always bring liquid oxygen, eye drops, and medicine for the ears, in addition to aspirin. Even if I never use them, I like being prepared.”


A favorite in NY

781 5th Ave, NY

“I travel to New York a lot. My favorite restaurant there is Harry Cipriani, which serves Italian food. Their green tagliatelle with ham is delicious.”