tips on New York from Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly

The renowned Uruguayan architect and his close relationship with the city of skyscrapers


First contact

“Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge was one of my first experiences in New York. It surprises me that, even though it’s the first suspension bridge in the city, it still has the most elegant and boldest structure. The middle of the path has a quiet overlook over the East River that allows you to observe the whole Manhattan.”


Second home

Carnegie Hall is like my second home, and I visit it several times a week for classical music concerts. When I first came to the city with my family, I bought the cheapest tickets, at the last minute, but now I’m proudly a Maecenas for the institution.”

Carnegie Hall: 57th Street & Seventh Avenue


To contemplate

“In Soho, there are two installations by artist Walter de Maria, who was supported by the Dia Art Foundation in the late 1970s: The Broken Kilometer (1979), on West Broadway, and The New York Earth Room (1977, photo), on Wooster. Not many people know that they are there, but these incredible contemplative spaces are a few steps from the city’s hustle and bustle.”

The Broken Kilometer: 393 W Broadway Street

The New York Earth Room: 141 Wooster Street 


Music, maestro!

“Of all my projects in New York, I have a special fondness for Jazz at Lincoln Center. It’s the first venue specifically designed for what is, in my opinion, the most American form of art. I’m a musician and that’s why I’m so proud to have helped Wynton Marsalis (trumpeter and artistic director) to realize his vision of the future of jazz interpretation and education.”

Lincoln Center: Frederick P. Rose Hall, 5th floor, Broadway at 60th Street