tips to explore Santiago from filmmaker Maite Alberdi


Different breads

Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins, 58

“Chile has a great tradition of tasty sandwiches. Among them, my favorite is the lomo completo, from Fuente Alemana. It’s amazing that the same women have been making these sandwiches for over 30 years.”


Chilean cinema

Plaza de la Ciudadanía, 26

Centro Cultural Palacio la Moneda is an underground building that’s home to great handicraft shops, exhibitions and the Cineteca Nacional, which constantly screens Chilean movies.”


Republican art

República, 475

“Palacio Heiremans, in the neighborhood of República, is home to the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende. Its excellent collection of modern art contains over 2,700 works by emblematic artists like Frank Stella, Lygia Clark and Torres García, among others.”


From the old days

Persa Biobío, Franklin metro station

“I like antiques and collecting objects full of life. Exploring the city looking for this kind of piece is already a great activity, even if you don’t buy anything. Without a doubt, the best place to find this sort of item is the Persa Biobío Market. Parque de los Reyes and Barrio Italia are also good options.”



República de Cuba, 1.724

“Biking in the Pocuro zone is a pleasant activity, and one essential stop is the Lolita bookstore, where you’ll always find rare books. There, you can take a seat and leisurely leaf through the publications.”