world records that you can visit


The Amazon

South America

Between 3,976 and 4,345 miles [6,400 – 6,992 km] long, the Amazon is the longest river in Latin America and the largest by volume in the world. It crosses Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guiana, Peru, and Venezuela, supplying food and water to these countries. Every year, around 50 new species are discovered in the river, reaching a total of 3,000. The most representative animals are the pink river dolphin, the manatee, and the coypu.


Pudu deer


It’s just 1.3 feet [40 cm] tall and is the smallest deer in the world. Even though it’s found in Chile and Argentina, it’s the latter that’s home to the largest concentration of pudus. They usually move around territories between 16 and 26 hectares and it’s common to see them at Lanín National Park, located in the province of Neuquén, in the country’s central region. Their behavior is friendly and yet solitary. A victim of environmental degradation, the pudu is on the international list of endangered species.


Tallest sequoia

California, United States

Located on the California coast, this park is home to the largest concentration of red sequoia trees in the world, the tallest tree on the planet. Hyperion, found in Redwood in 2006, secured its title in 2017, at 380 feet [115.85 m]. And the best part? It’s still growing.


Atacama Desert


Is there anything more hypnotizing than the landscapes in the most arid non-polar desert in the world? With an area of 40,540 mi2 [105,000 km2], the Atacama Desert stretches across four of the 16 regions in Chile. The most arid portion is between the Andes and the coast. These mountain ranges prevent masses of humid air from moving.


Mi Teleférico

La Paz, Bolivia

On average, 159,000 people visit the cable car in La Paz, Bolivia, every day. At 10.9 miles [17.5 km] long, it’s the biggest public transportation system of its kind. In total, there are five lines that connect the capital with the area of El Alto, located at an altitude of 13,120 feet [4,000 m]. It’s a can’t-miss attraction: spending little money, you’ll get an impressive view of the Andes and the city.


The Dove

London, United Kingdom

There are just three stools at the Dove, considered the smallest bar in the world, in the London neighborhood of Hammersmith. Famous writers, like Graham Greene, Dylan Thomas, and William Morris, used to frequent the place for its beer and intimate atmosphere. Hidden on a narrow street since 1730, the bar has a terrace with an incredible panoramic view of the Thames.

19 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London, W6 9TA


Sobrino de Botín

Madrid, Spain

At the oldest restaurant in the world, their specialty is to combine history with delicious food. Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was an apprentice at their kitchen, while Francisco de Goya worked as a dishwasher. Located in the same place where it was founded, in 1725, never closing its doors, Sobrino de Botín is a reference in Madrid traditional food. Their 18th-century façade is intact, just like their wood-burning stove, whose flame has been burning for 293 years.

Calle Cuchilleros, 17, 28005 Madrid