Learn about the conveniences at Belo Horizonte Airport

Erika Paixão

BHConfins Publicity, Getty Images

A leader in punctuality and with a brand-new terminal, Belo Horizonte International Airport is popular among travelers


Belo Horizonte can be proud to have one of the most beloved airports in Brazil. In addition to the renovation project that extended the departures hall and commercial areas, it’s been standing out for its agility in recent years – it was named the most punctual airport in the country. Worldwide, it ranks 4th, according to OAG, an intelligence company that specializes in the analysis of air travel data.


Last year, 10.2 million passengers circulated through the airport – almost 28,000 people per day


Several names, same place

Confins and Tancredo Neves: the airport has these two 'nicknames.' The former is the name of the municipality where it’s located, some 28 miles [45 km] from the capital of Minas Gerais; the latter is an homage to Brazil’s former president. At the end of the day, you can choose what to call it.



International prestige

In 2017, Confins was the only airport in Latin America to be recognized at the ASQ Awards, which assess the services provided by airports around the world based on passengers’ travel experiences.


Local flavors

The terminals offer several food options. Check out the shops that sell authentic Minas Gerais goods, like Leve Minas Empório, where you’ll find guava paste and delicious Serra da Canastra cheese.


Kids aboard

The little ones have an exclusive space in the check-in area, with free access to three huge toy planes, equipped with instrument panels and seats to simulate a real aircraft.


Internet access is unlimited and doesn’t require registration. Just connect to the BH Airport Wifi Grátis network. More information at