Business travels:

tips from an Ecuadorian businessman

Gabriela Soutello

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Tips from Guillermo Zárate, co-founder of the e-learning platform Cuestionarix, to take great trips


More than just developing itself, the ideal company helps people improve. It was this conviction that motivated Ecuadorian-born Guillermo Zárate to found Cuestionarix, an online platform that prepares students for college. With around 350,000 members, the program is impressive: 80% of users have good results after the exams, learning through games, exercises, and online courses.


These results made Guillhermo introduce his project to the international market. “One of the best things about business travels is that you truly understand what movement means. The dynamic of traveling is always hasty,” he says. “You meet a lot of people in several places. You need to understand the reality of each person in a short period of time.” Among his most important achievements outside of Ecuador, he highlights the participation of Cuestionarix in the technology event Web Summit 2015, in Ireland. A master in the art of going from one airport to the next, Guillermo shares tips that can help any traveler.




“I like the app Tripcase. It helps me manage and organize my trips, hotel reservations, and meetings.”



“Less is more. When it’s time to pick my clothes, I make a list of all the things I wore on my last trip and avoid superfluous items.”


Waiting at the airport

“The hours before your flight can be productive. I usually answer emails, listen to audiobooks, and write.”