Inna Moll reveals her favorite activities in Latin America

Sofía Merino L.

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Chilean YouTuber and model Inna Moll loves Latin America: here, she feels comfortable anywhere


At just 19, Inna Moll left her country to work as a model. She lived in Mexico and the United States, where she met her American boyfriend, Adam Horwitz. They were both passionate about travel and videos – Adam was a YouTuber and Inna soon started to work on her channel. Different places in the United States, Costa Rica, and South Africa resulted in adventures that they transformed into cinematographic videos, combining aerial footages with foreground shots in slow motion. Many videos have over 50,000 views.


“I can’t choose my favorite place,” says Inna, but she acknowledges that something special happens every time she comes to Latin America: “The people are warm and friendly. They make me feel so good that I always feel at home,” she spontaneously recounts, with the same naturalness she displays in front of the camera. This characteristic became evident in Adam’s first videos, and the good response she got from his followers encouraged her to create her own space. In February 2017, she introduced her channel, Inna Moll, which exceeded 100,000 subscriptions in just two months. Currently, it has over 900,000 subscribers and is one of the fastest growing Chilean channels.



The joy and good vibe of Brazilians who greeted her on the streets, the accent of Costa Ricans when pronouncing the ‘r,’ and the patience of Peruvians when teaching her how to make clothes, from sheep wool, and dyeing them with mud are a few of the friendly gestures that made her feel among family in these parts of the world. In her videos, she shows her interactions with people and favorite dishes – like ají de gallina –, in addition to adrenaline-filled adventures, like when she took a trail known as “The Death Hike” in Machu Picchu.


Her channel’s success lies in the combination of destinations and images with personal experiences, like when Inna told her followers about the end of her relationship. Her honesty has won over the mollers, as her fans call themselves, and you can also see it when she participates in TV shows in Chile. Inna has already bought the tickets to her next destinations: Spain and Zimbabwe, where she expects she’ll also feel at home.


Inna Moll’s trending topics

Destination that most pleased your followers:

The beaches in Tulum, Mexico

Favorite Instagram account:

The most photogenic place in Latin America:

Southern Chile

Favorite song to travel to:

“Acoustic songs when I’m calm and electronic music when I need motivation”