Find out how LATAM Cargo transports pharmaceutical products

Illustration: Marcelo Cáceres

Among the products offered by LATAM Cargo is PHARMA, the best service for transporting pharmaceuticals and vaccines within and from Latin America*. The complex and rigorous logistics allows drugs to arrive at their destination in perfect conditions


1. From the pharmaceutical company to LATAM

A pharmaceutical company makes a drug for diabetes that needs to be shipped to Santos, in São Paulo, Brazil. The company hires the LATAM Cargo service PHARMA. A truck equipped with the ideal conditions for this type of product collects the drug at the office in Indianapolis, United States, and transports it to Miami.


2. Care and temperature control

The truck travels all night and delivers the product in the early morning hours. A specialized LATAM Cargo team quickly places the drug in a cooler with temperatures ranging between 35.5-46.5 oF [2-8 oC], ideal for this medicine. The drug is only removed from the cooler a few minutes before the flight to São Paulo, Brazil.



• International quality standards

CEIV is a certification for the sector of Air Freight that assures the transportation of pharmaceuticals in accordance with the highest international standards. LATAM Cargo was the first airline in the Americas to obtain the CEIV-Pharma certification.


3. Flying with LATAM Cargo

After flying in a perfectly acclimatized cargo hold, the drug is received by the LATAM Cargo team at Guarulhos Airport. When the plane lands, the piece of equipment moves and immediately transfers the product to the refrigerator with temperatures ranging between 35.5-46.5 oF [2-8 oC].



4. The drug arrives at its destination

The shipment arrives in perfect condition. A truck with air conditioning collects it in São Paulo and transports it to the pharmaceutical distributor in Santos. The coastal city now has the drug for diabetes.


• LATAM Cargo Brazil’s domestic market

To transport pharmaceuticals in Brazil, we offer options according to your urgency level: NEXT DAY, NEXT FLIGHT, or CONVENTIONAL. For more information, call 0300 115 9999.


*Service available exclusively on international routes