Learn about LATAM Cargo’s Boeing 767F

Ilustration: Marcelo Cáceres

Discover what LATAM Cargo’s Boeing 767F looks like, inside and out


- It was painted in Mexico

- The whole paint job with the new brand was completed in 14 days

- It can transport 24 pallets or aek containers on its main deck and 7.5 pallets on its lower deck

- On the route between the US and South America, it transports mainly dry cargo, like phones and tablets. It’s expected to carry over 2,200 tons [2,000 t] of freight by the end of the year

- It’s expected to have transport 11,000 tons [10,000 t] of cargo by the end of 2017



- The aircraft took its first flight in mid-September, with routes to Colombia, Brazil, and the US

- On the route Colombia-US, the main cargo transported are flowers. It’s expected to transport over 2,480 tons [2,250 t] of freight by the end of 2017

- It has the capacity of 58.5 tons [53,000 kg], the equivalent of 41 sedan vehicles, with a range of roughly 3,745 miles [6,025 km]. This cargo plane is perfect for mid-haul flights