Learn about LATAM Cargo’s express delivery service

Illustration: Marcelo Cáceres

Did you forget to send a Christmas gift? Don’t worry! The LATAM Cargo International Express service is fast and safe


Juan is worried. His nephew Manuel, who lives in São Paulo, asked for a Peruvian national soccer team jersey, and he forgot to send it!


Juan has the solution! The LATAM Cargo International Express service makes sure that these urgent shipments arrive at their destination in a fast and safe manner


The gift gets priority status and is loaded onto the first direct flight from Lima to São Paulo. On the following day, Manuel picks up his jersey at a LATAM Cargo International location in Brazil



Express service

  • Guaranteed space reservation of up to 660 pounds [300 kg] on passenger aircraft flights and 1.1 tons [1,000 kg] on cargo aircraft

  • Reduced time for pickup and delivery

  • Full refund assurance, in case of unforeseen circumstances

  • Available on specific routes, on direct flights operated by LATAM around the world*

  • It doesn’t apply to domestic routes in Brazil, where LATAM Cargo offers products for the domestic market according to your needs


*Check the destination before opting for this service