Learn about the seasonings that add flavor to the new LATAM menu

Publicity, Getty Images / Illustration: Leonardo Kayo

The new menu for Economy Class passengers on flights longer than seven hours features dishes made with seasonings from all over the world


In the culinary arts, seasonings are important for their capacity to enhance or add flavors. A simple dish can be improved by adding just a pinch of them. “Many of the seasonings that we use in Latin America were introduced by European and Asian immigrants. These days, they are part of the local culture in all of the countries,” explains chef Hugo Pantano, the man responsible for the new menus on LATAM flights longer than seven hours.



It’s the case of cinnamon, an ingredient that’s present in the sauce that comes with the banana pudding served for dessert on flights departing from Guarulhos, Recife, or Fortaleza, in Brazil. The spice was brought from Asia and can be found in any Brazilian kitchen. Clove, ginger, nutmeg, curry, and saffron are also common all over the continent and aboard our planes.  


The new menu always offers three main course options – local, international, or vegetarian. Come with us and discover which dish most pleases your taste buds.