Program Recycle Your Journey will recycle the waste from Mercado LATAM

Leonor Macedo


With the objective of contributing to the company’s sustainable management, the new program will be implemented first in Chile and then extended to the whole region, on domestic flights in all the countries


“Recycle Your Journey” is a program that will change the destination of waste, because it will recycle Mercado LATAM packaging made of aluminum, glass, or plastic. This corporate program will be launched on all domestic flights in Chile and soon will expand to other regions.



The project, which will turn us into onboard recycling leaders, will recycle over 22 tons [20,000 kg] of waste this year. In 2020, our objective is to reach the mark of 60 tons [55,000 kg], thanks to the support of our passengers, crew members, suppliers, and LATAM contributors.


How does the Recycle Your Journey Program work?

1. Mercado LATAM is offered to passengers

2. Crew members collect the trash and separate aluminum, plastic, glass, and organic materials

3. The trash is taken from the plane

4. The waste is transported to a recycling center

5. The company recycles the waste