where to go if you love soccer

Leonor Macedo

Giselle Galvão

If soccer can make atheists pray, there’s no better place to follow your team than the region of Todos os Santos Bay


Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado

No one has better described Bahia in verse and prose than Jorge Amado. The writer, who was a great soccer fan, praised the relationship between two iconic characters in the sport in the children’s book A bola e o goleiro [The ball and the goalie].

Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado: Largo do Pelourinho, 15


Olodum no Pelourinho: Rua Maciel de Baixo, 22

Olodum at Pelourinho

On the days the Brazilian national team is playing, tourists and locals go straight to Pelourinho, where Olodum drummers gather to turn soccer into a real carnival.


Basílica de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim

Tradition has it that at the gates of this church, you must tie a colorful ribbon on your wrist in honor of the city’s patron saint and make a wish. Anything is game, even asking for your team to win.


Basílica de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim: Largo do Bonfim, s/n

Sorveteria da Ribeira

In the neighborhood of Ribeira, where player Bebeto (a member of the 1994 Brazilian team) was born, beachgoers play ball on the sand next to the calm sea waters. And then they go cool down at Sorveteria da Ribeira, an ice cream shop that has been in business since 1931.

Sorveteria da Ribeira: Rua da Penha, 87



7 pm - Arena Fonte Nova stadium

June 15 - Argentina X Colombia


Eating at the stadium

The best option is a hot acarajé: bean batter deep fried in palm oil and stuffed with vatapá (a creamy paste of bread, shrimp, coconut milk, and ground peanuts), caruru (a condiment made from okra and toasted nuts), and dried shrimp.