Step-by-step process:

how are shoes transported?

Illustration: Marcelo Cáceres

Do you know the process that shoes go through to arrive at the stores? With Próximo Voo, LATAM Cargo transports goods all over the country in a fast and safe manner


It’s the season for new shoe collections at stores. Did you know that LATAM Cargo simultaneously transports shoe samples and orders from factories to retailers all over Brazil?


When a manufacturer opts for the product Próximo Voo, they guarantee shipment and delivery on the same day. A team of specialists picks up the shoe samples at their preferred address.



Between January and June of this year, we transported 1.1 tons [1,000 kg] of shoes, the equivalent of 66% of 2017


Meanwhile, at the nearest cargo terminal, the operations team prepares the shoe shipments, label them, and emit the necessary documents to simultaneously load the cargo onto different flights to several cities in Brazil.


On the same afternoon, LATAM Cargo delivers the shoes to the brand representatives at a showroom, so they can select the models that will be sold at the local stores. The same logistics takes place in all the cities where the products are distributed.



After the models are selected, the factory makes the shoes that will be transported by LATAM Cargo, traveling hundreds of miles before reaching the main display windows in Brazil.


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