Two Free Guys:

tips from a couple to travel cheap

Leonor Macedo

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Two Brazilian natives share on the internet what it’s like to visit dozens of countries without spending (much) money


Visiting new places doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Many cities have free attractions or cheaper admissions on certain days. And only after exploring all these options do Brazilian couple André Matarazzo and Guilherme Abuchahla reach into their pocket.


It’s not like they are cheap, but they have learned together that the best things in life are free – an ideology spoken by many but practiced by few. “We lived in Holland and, after observing Dutch people’s way of life, I started to enjoy pleasures that don’t cost a thing. There, they wait the whole week to go to the movies when tickets cost a third of the price,” says André.



This is how they created the project “Two Free Guys.” With videos and photos, they share tips on tours, cultural activities, and can’t-miss events that are free. The idea was so successful that their Instagram page reached around 30,000 followers in a little over a year.


Born in São Paulo and together for 10 years, André and Guilherme usually travel around 50 times a year. When they are not on a plane or in a destination, they live between Germany, where Guilherme is taking his doctorate degree in biology, and Portugal, where André works as an art director consultant.



“All my friends here are Latin Americans. People from Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Brazil. We naturally connect because of our common characteristics,” explains Guilherme.


Missing home is also a factor. And being on the other side of the Atlantic has made them want to explore Latin America more than when they lived in Brazil. “You always dream of conquering more distant places,” explains André. Now, they are planning to visit such countries as Chile, Cuba, and Panama, and places like the Galápagos in Ecuador. “And we’ll explore these places on foot, because walking is also free,” jokes Guilherme.


Tips to spend little money

Most museums offer free admission at least once a month (or at a specific time during the week). Check their websites to visit on the right day.


Many European castles allow you to access the gardens for free. As such, you can explore a lot of places without reaching into your pocket.


You’ll always find vendors offering free samples at markets. If you stop at every shop, you’ll have exclusive treats without spending a dime.