Using LATAM Cargo services

Sofía Merino L.

Illustration: Marcelo Cáceres

If your company frequently ships items, like an e-commerce website, remember this name: Porta a Porta , the LATAM Cargo Brasil service that will help your business grow


1. Julliana lives in Fortaleza and her birthday is coming up soon. For her party, she bought wines from an online store and found a supplier in Vitória that uses the services offered by LATAM Cargo Brasil


2. The distribution center calls 0300 115 9999. Shortly after, a LATAM Cargo Brasil team arrives at the warehouse to carefully pick up the bottles of wine


3. The wines arrive at the cargo terminal of Vitória Airport, where the boxes are measured and weighed and the documents required for transportation are completed


4. The wines arrive in Fortaleza on the same day. After going through inspection, they are delivered to Julliana



Facts that inspire trust

To request this LATAM Cargo Brasil service, all you need to do is call 0300 115 9999. In a few minutes, we’ll pick up your package


Over 3,000 places serviced by the best air cargo company in the country, present in all Brazilian capital cities!


We are the solution to ship your packages and e-commerce orders, whether it be B2B, B2C... or C2C


We’ll pick up – and deliver – everything from documents to all types of cargo, according to your needs, at the address of your choosing. Live animals, special cargo, or perishable items are not accepted for this service. Please consult our customer service center


290 vehicles and 100 people work exclusively to provide this service


* Service available exclusively in Brazil. For more information, visit