We have deciphered Lençóis Maranhenses for you


A practical guide (with a map!) for you to visit the best spots in this wonderful place in northern Brazil


This village (155 miles [250 km] from the São Luís airport) is the gateway to Lençóis. Home to the largest hotels and restaurants, Barreirinhas is the starting point for the main excursions.


An old fishing village near the National Park, Atins has sand roads and a hippie beach atmosphere. From there, you can walk to the beaches and lagoons and go kitesurfing.


Restaurante da Luzia

Located inside the park, this restaurant is famous for its giant shrimps. From there, you can explore dunes, go check out the ocean, or spend the afternoon in a hammock.

Lagoa Bonita

Between February and May, the rains fill the lagoons that form between the dunes in the park. Lagoa Bonita, 9 miles [15 km] from Barreirinhas, has a view of the sands and the vegetation in the park.


Santo Amaro do Maranhão

This quiet village is close to lovely lagoons, like Lagoa das Andorinhas and Lagoa das Cabras. In recent years, a few simple guesthouses have opened in the village.

Praia de Caburé

On the other side of the Preguiças River, this deserted beach has a narrow stretch of extremely white sands that separates the river and the ocean.


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