We took a helicopter ride at the end of the world


The landscape in Ushuaia, Argentina, is even more beautiful from above

A special way to explore the skies in Ushuaia is, literally, in the air: taking a helicopter ride that leaves from an old airport, near the city center. From above, you can view the raw, dense and preserved nature taking on airs of immensity. The 15-minute tour passes by such important landmarks as the Beagle Channel, the Martial Glacier, and Cerro Cinco Hermanos.


While flying over one of the peaks, a surprise: a sea-green glacier appears out of nowhere. It would be impossible to know that it is there from the ground. The surprise of this surreal landscape leaves the crew in ecstasy.


Ten minutes after takeoff, the helicopter stops at the top of Cerro Le’Cloche, where we have a privileged view of Laguna Esmeralda before returning to the starting point. It’s amazing to see the city getting smaller and people becoming black dots. It’s inevitable to feel like a grain of sand in the immensity of the universe. Especially at the end of the world…