Anavilhanas: images of the incredible archipelago in the Amazon

Eduardo Do Valle

Valdemir Cunha

The Amazonian exuberance of this Brazilian archipelago as registered by the lens of photographer Valdemir Cunha


Anavilhanas National Park

When to go

The park is beautiful all year round. During the wet season, from March to August, the flooded forests are the highlight. Meanwhile, the freshwater beaches are more common during the dry season, from September to February.


How to get there

From Manaus, by car (112 mi [180 km] to Novo Airão), by van (approximately a two-and-a-half-hour trip), by bus or by boat.


There are at least six hotels and guesthouses near the park, all recommended on the official website.


LATAM has direct flights to Manaus departing from Brasília, São Paulo, Miami and 4 other destinations.