3 athletes´ tips of what to do in Lima during the Pan American Games

Leonor Macedo

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Three Pan American and Parapan American Games' athletes tips of what to do in Lima and Greater Lima



Piccolo Clemente

Country: Peru

Sport: Surf

Type: Longboard


One of the great novelties for the 2019 Pan American Games is the inclusion of surfing amongst the sporting categories. And the tournament couldn't take place in a better spot than Peru. Much earlier than the invention of modern surf in Hawaii, Peruvian fisherman got on caballitos de totora – vessels made out of reed –  to forage for food.


“I'm very happy to represent my country and to have the support of the crowd at home”, says Peruvian surfer Benoit Clemente Rothfuss, longboard athlete better known as Piccolo Clemente. “The crowd cheers very loudly here”. He aims for the medal, once according to him the category in which he competes is one of Peruvian surfing strengths. “The crew members are very close and work all year to achieve our goals”, he sums up.


Extend the Trip

“When visiting Lima, find out more about Peru. The coast is vast: there are beautiful beaches throughout the country, such as Punta Rocas, with great waves all year long, and Huanchaco, where fishermen and surfers can still be seen on said caballitos de totora”.



Dani Zapata

Country: Chile

Sport: Wheelchair Basketball


In the beginning it was tennis, then she switched to dance and became South American and world champion of wheelchair salsa. “Basketball came into my life by accident. It was the only available sport after work hours. I had never played it”, she reminisces. Now she is part of the Chilean wheelchair basketball squad, selected for the Pan American Games in 2019 for the first time. “We've already made history, but it'd be beautiful to get a spot on the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020”.


Daniela knows the way there is not going to be easy: “We'll compete with great talents, such as Canada, United States, Brazil and Argentina”. Still, being in the tournament is already a gift. “It improves our self-esteem. I've made it, I'm Chilean, and this alone is great encouragement. We're showing everybody we can do it”.


Culture and Great Lanscapes

I've been to Peru both  to compete and on vacation. It's a beautiful country: Lima is similar to Santiago, in Chile, but my favourite places are Máncora Beach, on the North, and Machu Picchu's archaeological site, with its rich history”.



Tomás González

Country: Chile

Sport: Artistic Gymnastics

Type: Floor Exercise


Artistic gymnastics has always been part of Chilean Tomas Gonzalez life. Son of two gymnasts he has started to practice at 5, when still in school. At 33, he is one of the Chilean hopes for a medal in the Pan American Games. But he tries to focus in all the steps he'll go through to get there.


“I've been training 30 hours a week in double daily sessions. I've won the Pan American Games of Floor Exercise Gymnastics in 2018 and hope to compete for a gold medal this year. But first, I have to qualify among the athletes, then I'll think about achieving this goal”, he evaluates. He expects full support from Chileans and, if possible, the presence of the crowd in Lima. “Peru is close to our country and we can already smell the 2023 edition in Santiago”.


Treasured Cuisine

“I love Peruvian cuisine, and recommend two restaurants in Lima: La Mar-Iposario (which hosts a Butterfly Vivarium) and La Mar Cebicheria. Food is great and quite diverse”.

La Mar-Iposario: Avenida La Mar, 1.332

La Mar Cebichería: Avenida La Mar, 770