Better flights:

food, entertainment, and connectivity

Illustrations: Marcelo Cáceres and Coraje Estudio


Food in the sky: local flavors

With over 300 different dishes, our new onboard menu for international flights longer than seven hours was introduced in January. It includes vegetarian options and local recipes with ingredients from the flight’s place of origin, bringing each destination to your taste buds. Now you can takeoff from Barcelona while having some jamón or bid farewell to Chile with delicious salmon.


In April, this new menu was recognized at the PAX Readership Awards in the category “Outstanding Food Service by a Carrier – South America”


Movies during your flight: LATAM Play     

This year, we improved the interface of our entertainment platform to offer you a varied selection of movies, music, and games in a unique experience: LATAM Play. Every month, we add new content and several options for individual screen and our app, with the possibility of remaining connected in the sky with the WiFi options available on our domestic flights within Brazil.



Did you know that the award-winning The Shape of Water was the most watched movie on our international flights?

In 2018, our menu featured 84 new releases, 200 classic movies, and 48 Latino films


Onboard internet: WiFi

Another highlight of 2018 was the introduction of our first flights with onboard connectivity. The WiFi service debuted on domestic flights within Brazil offering two options: basic, to check emails and messages, and a faster connection, which allows streaming. In 2019, we are going to expand WiFi availability, progressively offering it on new routes.