Bogota on two wheels:

a tour of the Colombian capital city

Alma Fuentes

Illustration Mathias Sielfeld | Photos: Shutterstock, divulgação, Sergio I. Rodríguez, Archivo Laboratorios Black Velvet, alamy

The Colombian capital is the city where people most ride bikes in Latin America. Rent a bicycle at Bogota Bike Tours or at Bogota Bike Tours and Rentals, in the neighborhood of La Candelaria, adjust the helmet straps, and discover the capital following this special itinerary


1. Cine Tonalá

This movie theater screens alternative films and has become very popular in Bogota. In addition to the projection room, it features a restaurant and bar in the attic, which is accessed through a low-ceilinged corridor. It’s a place to have a drink and enjoy live music.

Carrera 6 Nº 35-37

2. Museo Nacional

Almost as old as Colombia’s independence, Museo Nacional has 17 exhibition halls. It frequently hosts temporary exhibits, usually from other countries. Shows and performances are also included in the schedule.

Carrera 7 Nº 28-66

3. Restaurante Leo

Leonor Espinosa is one of the most renowned chefs in Colombia, standing out for making haute cuisine dishes using local ingredients. To do so, she travels the country in search of recipes and new flavors to complement her creations.

Calle 27B Nº 6-75, Pasaje Mompox

4. Planetario de Bogotá

Observing the stars. Understanding them. Having good moments while learning is what brings people to the planetarium. In addition to the standard schedule, the locale organizes workshops and several activities. They offer over 30 visual experiences.

Calle 26B Nº 5-93

5. Parque de la Independencia

With 14 hectares of green area, it’s located between the Planetario, Plaza de Toros, and Torres del Parque. You can walk around and not stray from the city center, and also visit Quiosco de la Luz, a neo-classic structure that adds a special touch to the park.

Esq. Calle 26, Entrada A La KR7

6. Valenzuela-Klenner Galería and Alonso Garces Galería

The first dates from 1989 and contains contemporary Latin American art. The latter was founded in 1977 and hosts exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, as well as photos and videos.

Carrera 5 Nº 26B-26 | Carrera 5 Nº 26-92

7. Andante Pan y Café

It’s a discreet café located in Torres del Parque that you should visit for two reasons: their homemade jams and almond croissant.

Carrera 5 Nº 26-57